Memorable Moments of Musselman

The 2014 edition of the Musselman Half, my first time at this race, was one to be remembered!  Here are my top 5 memorable moments from the day.

(Special thanks to Matt’s sister, Missy, for taking these great pictures!)

1.  OK, of course what made this the most memorable for me is sharing the top spot on the podium with Matt…we won the overall male and female races!  It was incredibly special to share this with him.  Hometown Hero + Girlfriend win!  We gave them a good story.  Also, check out Matt’s journey from completing his first half at Musselman 5 years ago to winning the whole freaking thing!  So proud of this guy 🙂

2.  The amazing race director, volunteers, and community of Geneva.  Everything was well thought out and the attention to detail was incredible – the transition area for example, had different countries flags marking each section (so you knew where your row was!) and had a personalized motivational message on every spot.  The volunteers stood out for hours in the rain and wind, and were really good about giving directions and calling out what they had at the water stops.  The medals were made of donated recycled bike cogs – pretty cool, right?

3.  Wild weather!  Some of the toughest swimming & biking weather you can get.  The waves tossed us around in the water, and the winds threatened to knock us right off our bikes!  And there was rain.  And apparently, a tornado sighting about 20 miles away! yikes.

4.  An awesomely hard run course.  We ran along the water, through town, uphill, downhill, through farms, on gravel, up a flight of stairs…you definitely could not get bored!  It was very hard, and probably not one to go trying to set a PR, but it ranks up there as one of my favorites!

5.  Celebrating our win with a week on the Lake!  We got to spend 10 days with Matt’s family on Keuka Lake.  A beautiful area, and some great places to train.  Huge lake for open water swimming right out the back door, country roads that you could bike on for miles and not hit a light, stop sign or turn, and miles of dirt paths for running.

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