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Monthly Archives: May 2014

I had a really awesome trip to St. George. ¬†St. George 70.3 is one to put on your race bucket list ¬†– a really tough but stunningly beautiful course. ¬†The swim is in a (usually) calm and clean lake, and the bike and run have¬†incredible mountain and desert views. ¬†But, it is hilly, hot, and can be windy. ¬†This course is no joke! ¬† Pat, Doug, and I also got to stay… Read More

Hey y’all! I am thrilled to have been chosen as an ambassador for BIC Bands for 2014! ¬† I‚Äôve been wearing these headbands¬†since I spotted them at a marathon expo years ago. ¬†Though there are a number of companies that make non-slip headbands now, Bic Bands has such a wide variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, and they never move from your head. ¬†Even more importantly, Bic Bands is dedicated to¬†giving back¬†–… Read More