Lake Placid

Ironman Lake Placid has a sort of special place in my heart.  I’ve never actually raced there, but it was the first ironman I ever watched, back in 2013 when Matt raced.   We also spent some time training there that summer.  I dreamed of coming back one day and racing.  When they removed the pro race last year, I knew I might have to wait to be able to race there.  This year, they reinstated the women’s pro race, and I immediately jumped on the chance to race it this year.  This was going to be my key race for the year – since we are getting married in September, fall racing is a little more difficult.

Lake Placid bike course

Long story short – I won’t be toeing the line at Ironman Lake Placid this year.  As I started to ramp up training in the spring, things just weren’t clicking.  While I normally live the busy life of being both a working professional and pro triathlete, add in wedding planning and some other life stuff, I just started to feel out of control.  I was stressed and overwhelmed, my workouts were terrible, and I could tell my health was suffering – getting sick, inconsistent sleep, exhausted all the time, among other issues.  I could have very well been suffering from some level of adrenal fatigue or other hormonal issues (though nothing officially diagnosed – I’m not going to go into the details here, right now).

In the middle of May, I decided to take a break.  Getting ready to have a wedding – this is suppose to be one of the best times of my life!  While everything in my life was good, it was just too much and I was falling apart.  We all like to believe we can do it all, but sometimes reality hits hard.  The timing just wasn’t good for doing a summer ironman.  I had to give up the dream of Ironman Lake Placid (for this year).  While it was incredibly hard, and I felt like I was letting people down, it was 100% the right decision.  Ironman training just takes too much time and energy that I didn’t have right now.  I needed to focus on getting myself healthy, and enjoying every bit of the amazing wedding we are having in just a few months!

I took about a month off from any formal training, just doing what I wanted, before starting back up to try and tackle a few races for the end of this summer.  While I love the long stuff, racing the short stuff is really fun too!  When your whole race is shorter than an ironman swim, you gotta go really fast 🙂  I’ve jumped into a couple of local sprint tris, and will be racing the Boston Tri (olympic) next weekend.   Doing these more low key races removes a lot of the pressures and reminds me of why I love racing.  I also plan to race Pumpkinman, a half ironman in Maine, in September.   While I don’t know my exact plans for next year, you can expect me to be back at it in full force! (and with a new last name 🙂 )

So, I won’t be there this weekend.  I won’t be racing, and unfortunately, I won’t even be able to make it to spectate (due to some wedding to dos!).  But I’ll be thinking of all my Coeur and QT2 teammates (so many of you!) and cheering for you all day. 

30 for 30

Well, today is my last day in my 20s. I’ll turn 30 on the 30th!  I think that’s also called your Golden Birthday, which is suppose to be lucky!  I’m ready to take on a new year and a new decade.  My 20s were pretty great, and I have no doubt my 30s will be even better!

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Hey y’all!  We’ve been down in Texas for 2.5 weeks racing Ironman 70.3 in Galveston and putting the finishing touches on our training for Ironman Texas, which is only a few days away!  Although I haven’t purchased any cowboy boots yet, I’ve driven a huge pickup truck, seen many snakes, eaten crawfish, and experienced some drowning-in-my-own-sweat humidity.  I also haven’t seen Tim Riggins yet, but I’m holding out hope… 🙂


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California Love

Matt and I just returned to Boston after a great 2 week trip to Southern California.   We spent a week and a half in San Diego, getting in some solid training in the amazing weather.   We then went up to Oceanside, where we kicked off race season at Ironman 70.3 California. Read More

Heart & Courage

This year, I’m thrilled to announce a new sponsorship with Coeur Sports.  I am proud to represent such a great company and inspiring group of women.  If you don’t know Coeur, they are a women’s specific, endurance clothing company.  But, as you’ll see, they are SO much more than that. Read More

Many athletes and teams use the off-season to work on their weaknesses.  Race (or game) season is far enough away, that spending a good chunk of your time working on your weaknesses not only makes sense, but is essential to going into the next season more prepared and year-over-year progress.  It’s tough for people to do this sometimes – typically, our weaknesses are our least favorite things.  We want to do more of what we love, but to become a better athlete, it’s important to take this time of year and focus on those areas that are holding us back from being even better. Read More

IM Chattanooga: Ironman Debut!

Ironman #1 is done – and what an amazing experience!  I’m just barely coming of the high I felt post-race.  I now understand what everyone has been telling me, describing to me – the ups and downs, the wide range of emotions, and how tough those last 90 minutes were going to be! Read More

‘Twas the Night Before Ironman…

I’m sitting here, on the eve of my first Ironman, in my Normatec boots (aka my space pajamas, as my BIL would call them), and figured I owe you guys an update!   After spending much of 2014 prepping for Ironman Chattanooga, it is finally here. Read More

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St. George 70.3

I had a really awesome trip to St. George.  St. George 70.3 is one to put on your race bucket list  – a really tough but stunningly beautiful course.  The swim is in a (usually) calm and clean lake, and the bike and run have incredible mountain and desert views.  But, it is hilly, hot, and can be windy.  This course is no joke!   Pat, Doug, and I also got to stay with the nicest, most generous home stay ever – Sandy & Tom were wonderful hosts in their beautiful home!  They helped us experience the most we could in our short trip to St. George.

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