30 for 30

Well, today is my last day in my 20s. I’ll turn 30 on the 30th!  I think that’s also called your Golden Birthday, which is suppose to be lucky!  I’m ready to take on a new year and a new decade.  My 20s were pretty great, and I have no doubt my 30s will be even better!

In honor of this special occasion, here are 30 things you may not know about me…

  1. My full name represents all of my heritage: I’m 1/2 Lithuanian (Anelauskas), 1/4 Irish (Kaitlin), and 1/4 German (Elizabeth)
  2. My grandparents were farmers in Lithuania, and fled to Germany during WWII.  My grandmother came to the US not knowing any english, with 3 young children, and no husband (he had to wait 3 years to come over and join her) – talk about amazing!
  3. In 2008, right after the Olympics, I got to meet Michael Phelps at a Fidelity-sponsored event.  And, Michael shares my exact same birthday, so happy golden birthday to him as well!

    Meeting Michael Phelps!

    Meeting Michael Phelps!

  4. I’ve never lived outside of Massachusetts, or further than 40 minutes from Boston
  5. I once went through a phase in middle school in which I wore ripped jeans, chunky boots, and a ball chain necklace (ok, yes, you can laugh picturing this!  And no, I am not sharing a picture of this…)
  6. I attempted to do my first triathlon in the summer of 2006.  Unfortunately, I came down with a stomach bug a few days before and didn’t make it to the start.  It took me 6 years to try again!
  7. I played the flute for 8 years in school.  I still take it out and play every once in a while.
  8. I can’t handle needles.  I still close my eyes and try not to pass out whenever I need to get a shot!
  9. I went digital for a few years, but now I’m back to a paper planner.  Something about writing stuff down (and crossing off to dos!)  I’m an obsessive list-maker!
  10. I have 1 younger sister, but I am the little sister – she is 5’11”!  Sister-brag:  She is the all-time leading scorer in basketball at our high school, and was inducted into the hall of fame!  She is also my best friend.

    Jill and I at her Hall of Fame induction

    Jill and I at her Hall of Fame induction

  11. I feel old when I remember when we didn’t have a computer.  My family got one when I was in the fifth grade!  And I didn’t have my own cell phone until college.
  12. My most daring adventure so far has been bungee jumping in New Zealand.  I was shaking pretty hard when I was about to jump and almost couldn’t do it, but after they (joking…I think?) threatened to push me off, I made the leap!  Bucket list, check.



  13. New Zealand is also my favorite place I’ve visited so far.  A beautiful country with the nicest people!  I would go back in a minute – hoping to make it back to race there some day.
  14. I have 3 big scars – one on my shoulder from when I was really little (grabbed a hot cup of coffee and pulled it off the counter and on to my shoulder…smooth), and one on each knee from falling while running (my middle name is NOT grace. #clutz).
  15. I hate being scared.  Scary movies, things jumping out at me, etc… no, thanks.
  16. I LOVE ice cream.  I could give up cake and cookies forever, but not ice cream.  I prefer mine in a cone with no toppings (except sprinkles, if I’m feeling kinda crazy).  Any coffee-based flavor tops my list, as well as watermelon sherbet.

    I found MY ice cream!

    I found MY ice cream!

  17. I can’t whistle.  I can make a weak sound, but I can’t whistle a tune.
  18. I hate my feet and you’ll probably never see me wear flip flops or open-toed shoes, outside of the beach / pool.
  19. I don’t have a good voice, but I love to sing.  I won’t sing in public, but I have been known to crush some tunes in my car.
  20. Confession time – I once had my room almost entirely wallpapered with ‘N Sync photos & posters.  JT 4 eva.
  21. I love the beach and being at the ocean, but dislike swimming in the ocean.  Too many creatures, and I don’t really like salt water.  I make an exception for riding waves!
  22. I’m an IFSJ personality (introverted, observant, feeling, judging) on the Myers Briggs personality test.  Some strengths: supportive, reliable, enthusiastic, and hard-working.  Weaknesses: shy, take things too personally, overload themselves.
  23. I’m left handed.  I do almost everything with my left-hand, except when I played softball – I batted right handed.
  24. I spent 10 years as a student at Bentley College/University (it changed from a College to a University in the 1 year I took off between undergrad and grad school).  I really love being a student – I wish I could do that full-time again!
  25. It took me a while to decide whether to swim or run in college.  I ended up swimming all 4 years, and ran 1 season of outdoor track my freshman year.  It was just too much to try to do 2 sports!

    Bentley Swim Team '04 champs!

    Bentley Swim Team ’04 champs!

  26. I always dreamed of running the Boston Marathon, and after I finished college, I trained for my first marathon and qualified… crazy, back then (2008) you could qualify in January for the Boston marathon the same year!  I couldn’t have done it without my awesome Cambridge Running Club friends – they really pushed me and encouraged me to go for it, even when I didn’t believe I could actually get the qualifying time.
  27. Growing up, my summer jobs were always at the Medfield Swim Pond.  I taught lessons, lifeguarded, and coached the swim team.  I loved coaching swimming, and hope to do that again some day!
  28. I’ve needed glasses since middle school, and started wearing contacts in high school.  I’m pretty blind without them!
  29. In the 8 years since college, I’ve moved 9 times (all in the Boston area).  I wouldn’t recommend that…  I now refuse to move without hiring movers, and hopefully our next place will be more long-term!
  30. I got engaged last weekend!  Matt totally surprised me with a proposal on one of our regular bike loops.  Best early birthday gift ever!

Matt and I are engaged!

3 Comments on “30 for 30

  1. I loved learning these super cool facts about you!
    p.s. I also love ice cream and I do not love swimming in the ocean – I’m too afraid of dead bodies (the nearest Ocean swim to me is Southie so…it’s a possibility!)

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