Our thanksgiving table

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope yours was full of family, food, and fun!  I know mine was – it was a great day.  I spent the day at my parents house with my Mom, Dad, my sister, and her boyfriend.  Just a small gathering, but sometimes that’s all you need!  It was a little strange this year, because it was the first holiday we didn’t celebrate in my childhood home (my parents moved this summer into an apartment while they look for a place to retire).  Prepping the thanksgiving food and eating in a different dining room just didn’t feel the same!  But the family was there, and that’s what really counts.

Yeah, this happened.

J, J, and I ran a 5 mile turkey trot in Easton in the morning.  They both had awesome races, running much faster than they had thought they could!  It was perfect running weather and the course was scenic with rolling hills.  Great way to start the morning, since the next 8 hours were spent pretty much eating non-stop!  We had mimosas and omelets when we got back to the house, then did some cooking and baking, watched some of the Macy’s Day Parade, played some bananagrams, and there might have even been some rocking out on drumstick microphones. 🙂  Then we had our turkey feast!  Highlights were definitely my Mom’s stuffing and gravy, and my sister’s cranberry sauce.   Then we went out for a nice walk to work on digesting some of that turkey and enjoy the mild weather. We came back, watched some home videos (always entertaining!), and then on to pie!  We had my Mom’s always-amazing apple pie and a new one my sister and I made, chocolate cream pie!  (it was SO good – recipe here).  The rest of the night was spent mostly on the couch, watching football and Glee, and some more bananagrams.   It was such a nice day with my family.

I have so much to be thankful for this year…

  • My family and friends.  For those who are in my life now, and who have touched my life in the past year.  Everyone of you has given me something, whether it is friendship, support, laughter, or love.  Some have even taught me important lessons, or made me realize things about myself/life.  My family is my rock, my ultimate support system.  I am so grateful that they are healthy, happy, and so close by that I can see them as often as I want.
  • My own health.  I feel blessed to be healthy and to be able to run, swim, and bike as much as I do.  I’m thankful that I found triathlon this year, and can continue to progress and grow in the sport next year.
  • My job.  I have a rewarding and successful career, with creative, super-talented co-workers.  They make going to work everyday enjoyable.  I also feel thankful that I can go to grad school part-time and work towards advancing my career.

Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving, and start to the holiday season!

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