Happy National Running Day!

June 6 is National Running Day!   I am celebrating with a double – got in an easy shakeout run this morning, and I’m going on a run with my sister after work!

Why I run:

  • Endorphins!  Running makes me feel good.  I get more of an endorphin rush running than during any other forms of exercise (Runner’s high!)
  • It’s easy.  Running requires very little equipment (just running shoes!), and can be done anywhere.
  • It can be both meditative, and social.  Sometimes, I just need to get out and run by myself to clear my mind, think through problems, or unwind from a stressful day.  Other times, I enjoy running with people.  It’s easier to run and talk when you are running (compared to cycling or swimming).  It’s a great time to catch up with friends, or meet new people.

How are you celebrating National Running Day?

Why do you run?

Running at the Martha's Vineyard 20 miler

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