Marathon Monday

This year, I did not run on Marathon Monday.  Normally, I’d be pretty bummed about that (after two years of registering and not making it to the start line due to injuries), but this year I was happy to just be watching!  It was almost 90 degrees in Boston yesterday – certainly not ideal running weather by any stretch of the imagination.   I am amazed by all the runners who finished the race yesterday. Congrats if you were one of them!

But what I did do this year is bike the marathon course before the race started!  It was an amazing way to experience the course and pre-race excitement without running.  My friend S and I met in Kenmore Square bright and early to begin the ride.  There were tons of other cyclists out, lots of big groups.  Although the roads weren’t quite closed yet, there was very little traffic, so we had a nice smooth ride from Boston through Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, Framingham, and Natick, and all the way back to Boston.  We didn’t make it out to Hopkinton, but we did make it back to the Boston finish line, and I completed my longest ride ever – 50 miles!

At the finish line of the Boston Marathon!

The one low point in the ride was about 7 miles in, when I took a spill!  We were making a turn and there were some rail road tracks – as I road over them, my wheel got caught in the middle of the tracks and I went down.  There were lots of other cyclists around so it was a bit embarrassing, but I was lucky I didn’t get too hurt.  Just a few bruises and scrapes.  I’m more sore from the fall than I am from the bike ride itself!

It was a really fun ride and I’m glad we got out to do it!  The rest of the day I spent at the running club’s BBQ cheering on the runners at mile 23.  I love the excitement of Marathon Monday – it’s such a fun day in Boston!  Hopefully I will be running it again next year!

I did race this weekend in my first duathlon, and a full race report will be up soon!  Stay tuned…

5 Comments on “Marathon Monday

  1. Congrats on your longest ride!!

    Spills are scary and embarrassing but I’m glad you weren’t too hurt! What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right?!

    Looking forward to our meet up!!! 🙂

  2. Great post Kait!

    I definitely plan on riding the course next year. What triathlons do you have coming up?

    • Thanks, Alett! It was so much fun to ride the course – have you done it before?

      I have my first triathlon in May – the Season Opener sprint tri in Hopkinton. I’m really looking forward to it!

  3. Cleveland Circle? My worst fall (to date) was on those tracks. I was coming down the hill, got my wheels caught and went down…it was a yard sale. Bottles went flying across the road, the arm rest of my aerobars broke off and shot into the middle of the street. One nice motorist even stopped, rolled down his window so that I could hear him laughing hysterically before he drove away. #cyclistproblems

    Anyway, long story short, you’re definitely not alone 🙂 I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t be embarassed – it happens to everyone at some point! In fact, I say taking your first fall is one of the mandatory steps to becoming a “real” cyclist…so welcome to the club! I’m jealous you got out, I was recovering from being sick so I bailed on the early AM ride. Beautiful day for it though!

    Good luck this weekend!

    • That’s exactly where I fell! Those tracks are dangerous!!! Sorry you couldn’t ride this year! Hopefully I’ll see you out on the roads soon!

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